Peterborough Trim Repairs will supply and fit replacement hoods for most makes of vehicle. The Tops we supply are of a very high standard and will give many years of service. Cloth and Vinyl hoods are available in many colours and fitting usually takes about 48 hours.

Rear windows can crack and fog with time. These can be replaced if the rest of the hood is sound. Some minor repairs can be done to the hood material and seams can be re-sewn.
However, most repairs require the removal & refitting of the hood. This is relatively expensive, due to the time involved. Therefore if a hood is starting to show signs of wear or degradation, a replacement may be the most cost effective option. Life expectancy for a vinyl hood is approximately 8 years, with the cloth versions lasting longer. 

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Hood Repair Replacement 
This work needs to be completed in our workshop and is not a mobile offered service.
Hood Care
There is little which can be done to make a Vinyl hood last longer. Bright sunlight (UV Rays) does not help. If possible please try to park your vehicle in the shade. There are special cleaners and dyes for cloth hoods, and we are very happy to advise on these. Most important if you have a flexible back window is not to put the hood down in temperatures of 55 degrees Fahrenheit or less unless you run the cars heater first to make the plastic more flexible.

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